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【FC専用】『JUDGEMENT DAY』(CD+CD)+Tシャツ(S)+サイン会参加権+ポスター


ストア限定商品 ストア限定特典 イベント対象 サイズ違いあり
価格: ¥ 7,960 (税込)
商品番号: VOSF-11641
発売日: 2023年02月22日




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こちらはモバイルファンクラブ「LOVEBITES INC.」会員専用の商品です。

This is an exclusive product for members of the mobile fan club "LOVEBITES INC".
Fan club member will receive a poster with exclusive band photo autographed by the band, as an additional special giveaway.


●2023年2月4日(土) 13:00~



《Sale start date and time》

●10:00am JST, November 26, 2022
!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!: The number of participation right is limited and a first-come, first-served. Once the number of the participation right reaches the specified quantity, the sale will end. And, if the number of the participation right reaches the specified quantity during the pre-sale period for fan club members, sales will not be made to the general public. Please understand this in advance. And, when using proxy purchasing services including "WorldShopping", there may be a time delay of a few days until proxy purchasing services purchase your order actually after you asked proxy purchasing services to purchase. So, we recommend asking them to purchase with time to spare.
On product with a participation right for the autograph session, one bundle per customer.

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《Date and time of the event》
●From 1:00pm JST, Saturday, February 4, 2023
The starting time is a rough estimate. It may change due to some reasons. The end time is undecided.
(The archived footage will be available until 11:59pm JST on February 7, 2023)

《Event details》
Customers who purchase the specific product at Victor Online Store on a first-come, first-served basis will receive a "special sleeve case" signed by all LOVEBITES members as a giveaway. The footage that the band signs the sleeve case will be livestreamed on YouTube. One of band members will call out your nickname when the band signs it.
Please actively participate in the online autograph session. Looking forward to your comments during the livestream. Anyone can watch the footage.

Click HERE for more info of the autograph session.

《The link to watch the livesteam》
If you have a YouTube account, you can join the chat. Looking forward to receiving your messages and questions.


◆2021年から2022年を跨いで活動休止にあった日本を代表するヘヴィ・メタル・バンドLOVEBITESが、遂にシーンに帰還! 新ベーシストを迎えた新体制で創り上げた、3年振り・通算4作目のフル・アルバム!

LOVEBITES with new bassist Fami, returns to the scene with their long-awaited new album! This is their ‘Judgment Day’!

LOVEBITES, one of Japan's leading heavy metal bands that had been on hiatus from 2021 to 2022, finally returns to the scene! This is their 4th full-length album in three years, created with a new bassist Fami. After a long audition process, the new bassist is Fami, who is 20 years old, was selected and injected a new essence into LOVEBITES.
Mixed and mastered by Finnish engineers Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila, who have worked on all studio productions.
The Limited Edition “C” includes a CD with instrumental versions of all 10 songs.

10 brand-new songs

[CD 2]

Instrumentals of 10 new songs

 S  66    49  44    19
 M  70  52  47    20
 L  74  55  50    22
 XL  78  58  53    24
 XXL  82  61 56    26


※市販商品 (VIZL-2153)とTシャツ、サイン入りスリーヴケース、サイン入りポスターを同梱してお届けする商品で、ボックスセットの類いではございません。

*The bundle set will not be cancelled, exchanged, or returned for any reason by a customer.
*This product will be delivered with the commercial product (VIZL-2153), a t-shirt, a signed sleeve case, and a signed poster, and is not a kind of box set.
*It will be delivered sequentially from Wednesday, February 22, 2023. (*Deliveries may be delayed due to weather, delivery destination, etc.)
*We are using Japanese sizing. To avoid mismatch, returns and exchanges at additional cost, please check the size chart, measure a clothing you own according to the instructions, compare the sizing with the table and then choose appropriate size. Actual size might slightly different from size chart. And designs and colors of reference images may differ slightly from the actual item(s).
*If you purchase item now on sale and pre-order product together, its shipment will be on the shipping date of pre-order item.


  • JUDGEMENT DAY | 生産限定盤C

  • サイン入りポスター【FC特典】

  • 「JUDGEMENT DAY」サイン会参加権 / 【サインしたスリーヴケース含む】

  • 「JUDGEMENT DAY」セット限定Tシャツ / Sサイズ



      ファンクラブ会員認証のため、「LOVEBITES INC.」へアクセスします。


      ご購入には会員登録が必要となります。 未会員の方は新規会員登録(無料)、既に会員の方はログインすることでご購入いただけます。


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